VETRODOMUS is always committed to maintain the quality of its products high and it owns a large quantity of certifications that let the company perfectly satisfy the needs and requests of the global market.

According to the dedication given by VETRODOMUS for the acquisition of voluntary certifications, the company can be identified as a supplier which cares about its clients’ needs and satisfaction by providing them with products that are certified and in compliance with the applicable regulations, always respecting the company strategies.

Vetrodomus owns the necessary complete equipment to perform quality control tests on all the typologies of processed glass, guaranteeing a constant monitoring of all the production phases.

Vetrodomus is ISO 9001 certified. This consolidated quality management system lets VETRODOMUS pursuit and maintain high standards, always aiming at its improvement which is finalised to the reduction of both energy and raw material waste and to the increase of costumers’ satisfaction. VETRODOMUS quality management system focuses attentively on the identification and control of all the company processes. The ISO 9001 Certificate allows our company to satisfy the costumers’ increasing needs with high efficiency and effectiveness and to improve our productive organisation constantly.

Vetrodomus is ISO 14001 certified. It is an environmental management system that supports the company in the implementation of a sustainable environmental policy. We firmly believe in adopting, maintaining and improving an environmental management system able to respect the ecosystem we are part of unequivocally. We use ISO 14001 standard to safeguard the environment and to demonstrate that our environmental management system has been tested and is respectful of the regulations. Thanks to ISO 14001, our customers can be sure that our company is involved in the minimisation of the environmental impact of processes, products and services. The use of this standard influences the production process of our company in two ways: continuous improvement and flexibility. Vetrodomus carries out continual actions for the improvement of area processes with substantial environmental aspects, through the application of the ISO 14001 standard.

ISO 45001:2018 is the ISO international standard for health and security management systems. The ISO 45001 standard is consistent with the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 2015-version assuring an easier and stronger integration of the management systems.

Licence for the manufacturing of products for the shipbuilding industry according to the ISO 614 standards.

The CE marking assures the compliance of our company products with european regulations. It also guarantees that the product respects the required features and requirements of European directives, so that it can be sold on the European Community market. Our certification covers a large amount of products, such as: safety glass, monolithic glass, laminated glass, insulating glazing units, HST tempered glass and glass for architecture.

UNI is a voluntary mark for tempered glass and insulating glazing units addressed to the Italian market.

The Cekal mark is a voluntary mark for insulating glazing units addressed to the French market.

The BSI Kitemark is a voluntary mark for insulating glazing units addressed to the English market.

IGCC – IGMA and SGCC are voluntary markings for glazing units and for laminated glass addressed to the US market.